About Us

Our body is a temple of Holy Spirit that is why we should take care of it.

With our 20 years experience in tests under control of sports doctors, personal trainers, pharmaceutical specialists and sports scientists, we wanted to create something more than an average diet supplement which could affect our bodies in adverse way. Our goal was to achieve an influence over aging processes of our bodies. We decided to launch products of supplementary nourishment which would fulfill our personal needs and which we can take a full responsibility for. Our diet supplements are not made from semi-products provided by Asian markets. They have laboratory certificates such as HACCP, -ISO9001 and GMP UE and they are produced under supervision of our German specialists.

Our system of quality management, which we invest the most time and money in, is a cooperation between various pharmaceutical specialists, biochemists and nutrition experts therefore, we are certain that our diet supplements are easily assimilated by our bodies, regenerating structures of our bodies directly.

The owners of Professional Anti-Aging Team after testing huge amount products available on our market started thinking about creating products which would supply needs of our everyday diet perfectly. Through years we have been using products which were not consistent in their promises. Thus, we contacted professional scientists which we started choosing the best available products with to provide an extra support in regenerating our bodies on a molecular level and provide the best assimilation of our products possible. That is why so many experts have been asked to join the project. There have been created recipes on atomic level. Our research resulted in creating products which fulfill the highest quality standards and only after so many years of tests of our laboratory experts team we were finally able to start the production. Since our health is priceless we decided to not keep our costs of production low. Products which provide us everything they offer, must be produced from the highest quality semi-products. We cannot afford to not deliver products which would lack quality and most importantly would be harmful to our health.

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